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Design Lot Grading Plan

The City Lot Grading Policy states:

“As part of the application for a building permit for a new house, the owner /applicant must submit a Design Lot Grading Plan showing how positive drainage of surface water run-off from the lot will be provided and without adversely affecting adjacent properties”.



Not only is this required for a new house, this is often required for the approval of an inground pool, or any design work performed on a Lakefront property.


As Built Lot Grading Plan and Certification


After the house is constructed and lot grading completed, the owner / applicant must submit an As built Lot Grading Plan and Certification prepared by a Lot Grading Professional, certifying that grading on the lot is in general conformance with the registered Lot Grading Plan (if available) and the Subdivision As built Lot Grading Plan (Lot Grading Plan of Record).

Draftroots Design can survey your property and provide this As built Lot Grading Plan, identifying to the City that the contractor has followed the approved lot grading design and the site drainage is in conformance with the design and will have no adverse affects on neighbouring properties.


Draftroots design can provide lot grading design for individual lots that integrate with overall approved Subdivision lot grading plans. Lot Grading Plans can accompany the landscape design work and allow for a more seamless application process for the client when a lot grading plan is required for building permit and approvals. The client will not require a third party to survey or approve the grading design produced by Draftroots Design. The City of Greater Sudbury requires Design Lot Grading Plans and As built Lot Grading Plans to be submitted by a pre-approved Lot Grading Professional.

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