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Step 2 - Data Collection, Site Survey & Inventory & Analysis

Establishing an accurate base plan involves on-site data collection. A digital survey is conducted providing a solid foundation for design accuracy. Draftroots Design has the tools required to create 3 dimensional site models with high accuracy representations of existing site conditions and topography. This is essential for design problems that include grade changes and surface water analysis.


The base plan represents the existing site 'footprint'. It is used for calculations, project planning, and the identification of problems that require design attention. Clients should provide the designer with any survey information they have that can be included in the overall site plan.

Step 3 - Schematic Design

The designer will develop a series of rough sketches identifying key areas of interest on the site. At this stage, design ideas are introduced, themes are proposed and key problems are addressed.


Step 4 - Preliminary Design / Conceptual Design

This step involves further development of design concepts, themes and creative ideas. The varying factors that affect the amount of time needed to complete a landscape concept include: unique client concerns, the creation of a site plan, the analysis of all site issues, drawing development & revisions, etc. Some smaller projects may not require design attention beyond this stage.

Step 5 - Final Master plan & Detailing

The varying factors that impact the amount of time needed to complete a Master plan include: drawing revisions and the detailing of specific landscape features such as decks, pools, custom elements including fencing, privacy screens, pergolas, perennial beds and planting design, custom design detailing, structures, water features, landscape lighting, etc. This step involves detailed plans and construction drawings pertinent to the clients goals and the specific project requirements.

Client Meetings & Design Review

The number of client meetings is dependent on all of the above mentioned factors, and will be further outlined in the design quotation provided by the designer.


Step 1 - Client Meeting / On-site Consultation

This is the initial meet and greet. This meeting involves a site visit with preliminary project discussion.

This meeting provides the designer with a sense of the client's needs and values. It is

an opportunity to discuss the scale, scope and budget of the project. This on-site consultation is an opportunity to offer onsite design solutions and start the brainstorming and creative process by reviewing existing site conditions and site specific challenges. This is an opportunity to review the client's wish list and ultimately discuss the process on how to get the desired results.

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